…did you say Technical Evangelist?

Did you just say TECHNICAL EVANGELIST?!?!  “Haha yes”, is how I usually respond.  I always laugh when people ask me my job title because I know the reaction that they inevitable will give me.  Utter confusion.  Probably 90% of the time that people ask, I have to repeat myself, and even after reiterating “Technical Evangelist”, they think they must have misheard me.  It makes me laugh every time, and I just can’t help it. J  That said, I am fairly confident that anyone who read my first blog post was left wondering…what in the world is a Technical Evangelist?  I admit, when my recruiter first approached me with the opening, I had the same question.  So here it goes.

Probably the easiest and most all-encompassing explanation I can give is that I am responsible for driving app development (Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure) in South Florida. Sounds simple right?  The idea might be, but the problem is, “How DO you drive app development”.  The answer to this question is one of the coolest aspects about my job, the fact that there is no clear cut answer.  I am given a goal and basically told to get it done in whatever way I feel is appropriate, however I feel is appropriate, and whenever I feel is appropriate.  There is no clear cut formula, and although I have tons of support to get me started, I can take any path I choose.  I mean, how awesome is that? 

I knew when I graduated college that I didn’t just want to be some person sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day 5 days a week.  I’ve always been a social person, so I wanted something where I could be technical but also have the ability to share that with people.  I didn’t know much about the types of opportunities that would be available, but the more I learn about my position now, the more I realize it’s the perfect fit for me.  I get to deal with a wide range of people from high school students to startup companies and everything in between to share with them the greatest and latest Microsoft technologies.

So you might also be wondering, “Where in the world does the word ‘evangelist’ come into play?”  Etymologically speaking, it literally means “bringer of good news”, implying a sense of teaching.  Therefore, it, in fact, is simple.  I am here to teach people about the “good news” that Microsoft has to offer, but more importantly, I am here to help people.  I want to be a point of support, advice, and encouragement for my community.   I am not only seeking to “get something” from people, but rather I am looking to give as much as I can in any way possible to build them.  Therefore, the point of this blog and the object of my job is to teach.  My theory is, “As I learn, you learn. “, and I truly believe in it.

I apologize for getting a little wordy, but it’s easy for me to get carried away because I am so excited about the opportunity that Microsoft gave me just a few short months ago.  So if you’re interested in “learning as I
learn”, then keep an eye out for posts that might interest you and feel free give active feedback and/or reach out!

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  1. Server Rack Organizer says:

    Tech Evangelist is a fancy name for a sales engineer, IMO. I have typically seen this term used in Microsoft Corporate infrstructure. We have developed a quick and easy cable labeling system called Unitag®, a space saving equipment rack bracket called RackOrganizer® and labor saving custom straps for a major server manufacturer.

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