Interested in learning more about Analysis Services 2012?

As you all know I published a book about Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Cube Development The aim of the book is to teach beginners that want to start their career in Business Intelligence and specifically Analysis Services how to create their first cube and then progress to become an intermediate BI developer….


Creating a BI test machine in the cloud and allowing anonymous access to it

I got a question from a colleague that wanted to know how he could create and connect anonymously to a BI machine in the cloud. There are several whitepapers available but they can be hard to follow if you never have done it before so I thought that I would write a small simple instruction…


New book, new job

The reason that this blog has been awfully quite for the past months is that I have written a book on Analysis Services cube development. This book targets new SSAS developers or people wanting to become one. Readers of this blog will recognize the style of the book, it takes a step-by-step approach and contains…


Problems with the SSAS Tabular Model Projects Denali CTP3 samples

      UPDATE: The samples have been refreshed if you experience this problem please download the samples again and it has been fixed.       As part of understanding the new Tabular Model in Analysis Services I downloaded the sample databases from I always finds it valuable to go through all the…


First impressions installing Denali CTP3 SSAS

Now that Denali CTP3 have been released to the public I wanted to post a blog post of the installation procedures. Installation is very similar to previous versions. First thing to do is to run the SQLFULL_x64_ENU_Install file that will unpack the installation files. By default it will unpack the files to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\<guid>\ After this…


How to control allocations when using write-back in Excel 2010

One of the first questions that I usually gets when showing write-back in Excel 2010 to Analysis Services cubes is how you can control the allocation of values between dimension members. By default you will get an equal allocation based on the number of dimension members. This setting will divide the value by the number…


Writeback to Analysis Services cubes from Excel 2010

 Analysis Services have had write back functionality for a long time; however there has been no client support for writeback in the most used BI client on the market (Excel). One of the new features in Excel 2010 is the ability to perform writeback to Analysis Services cubes. In order to write back to a…