Book review: Data Scientists at Work

Second book that I read this vacation is Data Scientists at Work by Sebastian Gutierrez published by Apress. I have read other books in the “at work” series so I was familiar with the concept. This is a book that consist of 16 interviews with data scientists about their work and how they moved into…


Book review: Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Right now I am on an extended holiday and I have had some time to tick of some books from my reading list. I thought that I would take some time to write a couple of short reviews on the books that I have read. The first one is Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine…

Preview of Power BI dashboards is available and book promotion

Couple of things before vacation starts first the Power BI preview has been released. It contains great new functionality such as dashboards and a new mobile client for iPad. Read more about the release at and try it for yourself at Second Packt publishing is offering books including mine called “Getting Started with…

Big Data patterns

Big data is the buzz of the day, many talk about it but few have done anything with the technology. In my role as a Solution Architect with the Data Insights Center of Excellence team at Microsoft I have been involved in several projects where we have used big data technologies to solve business problems….


This summer I am attending and speaking at several conferences. Most of them are internal to Microsoft such as TechReady which is similar to TechEd but only for the Microsoft field. However one of them is external and that is SQLBits on the 17th – 19th July 2014 at The International Centre, Telford, UK. You…

Interested in learning more about Analysis Services 2012?

As you all know I published a book about Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Cube Development The aim of the book is to teach beginners that want to start their career in Business Intelligence and specifically Analysis Services how to create their first cube and then progress to become an intermediate BI developer….