Problems with the SSAS Tabular Model Projects Denali CTP3 samples




UPDATE: The samples have been refreshed if you experience this problem please download the samples again and it has been fixed.




As part of understanding the new Tabular Model in Analysis Services I downloaded the sample databases from I always finds it valuable to go through all the samples and tutorials to understand any new product or technology. The documentation time always spends a lot of resources to make sure that they cover all the aspects of the product, and often a lot of questions that I get from customers the answer can either be found in the documentation or in the samples.

However this time after downloading the SSAS Tabular Model Projects Denali CTP3 file and trying to deploy the Adventure Works DW Tabular Denali CTP3 project I got into an error.

First I made sure that I had followed all the steps found in the readme for the samples. The readme can be found here 

However I got the following error when I was on step 12:

error deploying metadata

Error Deploying metadata

Clicking on the error details gave me the following message:


The Sandbox cube either does not exist or has not been processed.

If I open up management studio and look at the local instance there is a database there called Adventure Works DW Tabular Denali CTP3_Administrator_<guid>, so clearly it works. The reason for this error seems to be that the samples have been created on a pre-CTP3 build that had a different syntax. To solve this close the .bim file in the designer and open it up to view the code.


Now press Ctrl-H to do a quick replace and replace [Sandbox]. with an empty string.


After doing this you can save the file, then refresh the data and calculate all the measures. Now you should be able to deploy the project to the server.

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