Handling Dates in PowerPivot

Recently a former colleague contacted me on how to format dates in PowerPivot. She had a date column in a PowerPivot workbook that she wanted to show on the row axis in a PivotTable.


However no matter how she formatted the column either in the PowerPivot window or in the PivotTable it always showed as a string in the PivotTable.


As described before by others the solution to this is to format the value correct using DAX in a calculated column, however a better way would be to create a time dimension. I have created a separate worksheet that I use in all my PowerPivot workbooks as the date dimension.
It contains a column in each format that I normally use when analyzing data based on dates. I have used normal Excel formulas to create strings that looks nice and can be used in either PivotTables or Slicers.



I have included the Excel file for you to use if you would like to since this is a request that I have got from several customers.


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  1. T C Frank says:

    Very helpful.  Will be a time saver for me.  Thanks much!

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