VSX Talk at the .NET Developer Association weekly meeting

Last night, Ken Levy and I presented another VSX talk at the .NET Developer Association weekly meeting on Microsoft Campus.  We weren't sure how many people would attend or would be interested in extending Visual Studio so we were pleasantly surprised to count 59 heads in the audience!  That was close to the attendance at Tech Ready (an internal Microsoft event for employees in the field to learn about the new technologies we're building in the product units).

Ken did a great job showing a ton of stuff.  For those who were there and wanted links to the things he talked about, here's a summary: 

Additionally, there were a couple of folks who wanted the sample code for the source code outliner lite that I built and demoed.  It's way down in my blog but here's a handy link to it.

At the end, I also mentioned we had some job openings.  Our job descriptions disappeared pretty quick so for those interested in jobs on the Visual Studio Extensibility team, the postings are here.

Thanks again to the .NET Developer Association for having us.


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