The big hammer (vs 2005 uninstall tool)

During the Visual Studio 2005 product cycle, we realized we needed a tool to wipe out the final released bits on a customer's machine in case things went wrong.  We published a tool that did that for CTPs and Betas but not for the final RTM bits.

I've been asked for a tool to remove VS 2005 several times the last few weeks so I figure I'll just post the link to it here:


Note - the tool is not officially supported in any way and should only be used as your last resort if you can't remove VS 2005 from your machine.  It will remove all the products VS installed so some of your applications may stop working after running this tool.


Comments (2)

  1. stevenbc says:

    Will this uninstall VS Express as well?

  2. lbendlin says:

    Thanks for the tool, but it doesn’t help in my particular situation. I had a trial version of VS 2005 Professional installed. I then bought the VS 2005 Standard Edition. I let the trial expire, uninstalled it, and installed the Standard version. Upon launch it tells me that this Professional version is for evaluation purposes only. So I used your tool and deinstalled everything and then reinstalled the standard version. Still the same error message. Can you please tell me where the magical file or registry entry is that keeps making the PC believe that the Professional Trial is still installed?

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