Visual Studio 2007? setup

I'm currently working with a few folks on defining what the setup experience for the next version of Visual Studio should be.

If you ran into some pain points installing VS and have ideas on what you'd like to see, please post a comment or feel free to contact me.  (click on the contact link on the right side of my blog).

If the install was painless and you don't remember it, we atleast did a good job for VS 2005 🙂

If you have general suggestions for VS Setup, feel free to post a comment as well.



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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    a) Allow to use MSDN Library without setup !

    b) As well – it will be outstanding if setup was as easy as inserting DVD.

    IDE/compiler tools must be ready to use right after this and all data copy to HDD done lazily.

    c) If b) is not addressed – remove thouse happy people photos we currently see from setup. It’s depressing to see indians at this stage. It remind about offshore programming 🙁

  2. tzagotta says:

    If VS2005 setup adds a bunch of other components, I would like them to be optionally removed when I uninstall. The only one I would typically keep would be .NET 2.0 FX. It is really a pain to uninstall each of the other components manually.

  3. Saurabh Nandu says:

    Why does it take so long for a VS Setup? I wonder if you could perform the copy of the files off the disk as well as entries into the registery at the same time, rather than wait for the copy of files to compelete and then spend a good amount of time doing registry entries.

    Another potential problem is J#, why does it install – ALWAYS? I never need it still it’s runtime will install always!

    Other than that a lot fo people who were not able to go through the setup the first time, would to have better descriptive errors. Isn’t it easier to be able to fix the problem reading the error message rather than take that message, googling and then finding a blog post that explains how to fix that error?

  4. DavidMKean says:

    Remember previous versions component states, that is, if in Visual Studio 2003 I didn’t install J# or any of the smart device stuff, then chances are I’m not going to install it in Visual Studio 2005.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Windows Installer already has support for this.

  5. To address Saurabh’s feedback – the J# redistributable does not get installed in all scenarios starting in VS 2005 (but it did in VS 2003). It is only installed if you choose the J# language tool and/or the Visual Web Developer language tool. Please see for more information about the behind-the-scenes design for VS setup and the logic for choosing when to install the J# redist during VS 2005 setup.

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