Express ISO CRCs

For those who are downloading the ISO images from MSDN, here are the CRCs in case you need them:

VB - BAC91B78

VC - 3DE23D4A

VC#- 55884F2C

VJ# - 91B03EA5

WEB- F972C10F

Make sure after you download that the CRCs match, otherwise, the installation will probably fail.


Comments (3)

  1. balajik says:

    I might sound ignorant but kindly tell me how do i check the CRCs in the downloaded ISOs? Thanks.

  2. Quan says:

    There are many ways to check a CRC.

    Some folks just write a few lines of code, others can just download a tool and run it against the ISO.

    I did a search on MSN Search for "CRC Checking Tool" and found a few free tools out there.

  3. balajik says:

    Ok. Thank You. I’ll do that.

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