Moving from Beta to RTM

There’s been a bunch of blogs, newsgroup posts, etc on how to fix your machine if you don’t uninstall Betas correctly and get into a bad state. Aaron (one of our former testers on VS Setup) put together a great summary of all the potential issues and links to workarounds:  


VS 2003 – Reboot required but there’s nothing to reboot!

I’ve seen several posts around installing VS 2003 where VS detects a reboot is required before it begins the install. Customer rebooted the box, relaunched VS, and again, they’re told a reboot is required. This problem is documented and a workaround is available at:;en-us;830608 I have not seen any reports of this issue with…


When does VS Beta 2 Expire?

I’ve been asked that twice in the last few days so I figure I’d mention it here. VS 2005 Beta 2 expires on May 1, 2006.  


Installation problems – LoadSetupObjectGuid() :

I just saw two folks with an issue installing VS or Express because they had Kaspersky AntiVirus installed. The error you see int he setup log is: [11/07/05, 19:11:01] setup.exe: [2] ISetupModule::SetManager() failed in ISetupManager::LoadSetupObjectGuid() : vs_setup.dll If that product is installed, it will hang the VS installation. Work around is to uninstall the anti-virus…


What’s with all the different products?

For Visual Studio 2005, we have a lot more products offered than in 2003. The Team System line of products include: Team Suite Team Developer Team Test Team Architect Team Foundation Server (available early next year) In addition, we also have: Professional Standard Academic Visual Source Safe Tools for Office Express Editions To decide what…


Express ISO CRCs

For those who are downloading the ISO images from MSDN, here are the CRCs in case you need them: VB – BAC91B78 VC – 3DE23D4A VC#- 55884F2C VJ# – 91B03EA5 WEB- F972C10F Make sure after you download that the CRCs match, otherwise, the installation will probably fail.  


SQL Server Express does not work on VPC

For those installing on a VPCand getting a SQL Server Express failure, that particular scenario is not supported and there is no workaround. Here’s the SQL Server Express pre-req/requirements:


We’re Live!

Download the VS Express Products now! 🙂  


Setup is unable to find DeleteTemp.exe

When installing Visual Studio 2005, a few customers are seeing an error where Setup is unable to find the DeleteTemp.exe file. The problem occurs when the CD or DVD ISO is extracted and burned to a disc without specifying long file names.  The end result is the CD/DVD contains a file called DeleteTe.exe instead of…


Express hangs during uninstall using the uninstall tool

Before you uninstall an express SKU using the uninstall tool, make sure you register the product.  Otherwise, uninstall will hang.  The Express product is expecting a activation code, however, since we’re uninstalling silently, the UI is suppressed and the process just hangs there. If you get yourself into this unfortunate state, go to task manager…