Windows Vista Beta 1 (Longhorn) and VS 2005

Windows Vista Beta 1 will be out this week.  Note, the framework version in Windows Vista is the Beta 2 framework.  That means only the Beta 2 Visual Studio will install correctly on it.  If you try installing a later CTP, the framework version mismatch will be detected and VS will not install on it.

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  1. らしいです。

    Windows Vista Beta 1 (Longhorn) and VS 2005

    まぁ、普通はBeta 1が手に入らないだろうし、そこにわざわざVS2005を入れる人も、、、ああ、Avalonの開発とかを試してみたい人はVS2005入れるかもだ。…

  2. Quan says:

    can someone translate that? 🙂

  3. Usually I use a site like to translate. It isn’t perfect but can give you an idea of the content of the message. This is what it gives for that text:

    TITLE: In Vista Beta 1 CTP of VS 2005 cannot be inserted

    TEXT: It seems, is. Windows Vista Beta 1 (Longhorn) and VS 2005 well, Beta 1 probably will not enter into the hand normally and, the person,, well, the development of Avalon the person who would like to try trying is whether who specially inserts VS2005 there VS2005 you insert….

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