DVDs and CDs

This was by bad design on our part.

The VS 2005 Beta 2 media was shipped on DVDs.  SQL was also on DVDs but Team Foundation was on a CD.

Since we didn't label the media correctly, we saw a lot of bugs that the media doesn't work on our customer's machines because they're putting a DVD in a CD ROM.

I've asked our release PM who's in charge of the disk labeling to make sure the final released media prints CD or DVD on the disk.

It's also interesting to see there's still a lot of people out there with CD Roms and not DVD Roms.  I guess these days, we take DVD Roms for granted and assume everyone has one.  Turns out, our marketing says only 20% of international machines actually have DVD Roms in them.


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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Yes, and also the downloads on MSDN subscribers are dvd images only. Now I have a DVD rom/burner/etc however because of the enourmous size of these downloads something is getting screwed up in the download process as well I downloaded VS 2005 images 17 times. And yes because of the size that is 17 days of attempting to download. Every single one the download was corrupt or incomplete good thing my subscription DVDs came on the 17th day.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Yes, that’s an important assumption to challenge.

    I am one of the luddites who still has working systems with CD-Rom drives rather than DVD-Rom (my main has DVD though).

    It’s one thing to save the company money by saving on unnecessary packaging, it’s quite another to package in such a way that our customers cannot use our products.

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