Soma posts about building extensions

It’s always nice to see a blog post from your VP discussing your feature area 🙂 Soma posted a high level overview about building extensions and referenced my blog post on our team blog. Check out those posts and try out the walkthrough if you want to build a Visual Studio 2010 extension.  


VSX Conference Day 1

Our annual VSX Conference started today, the same day we officially announced and launched Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. For those who have an MSDN subscription, you can download VS 2010 Beta 2 right now.  If you don’t have a subscription, the Microsoft download center will have it available on Wednesday. Today’s conference started with a keynote from Rico Mariani,…


Extension Manager Intro Video

I just put together a quick intro to the extension manager.  Consider it my 1 minute elevator pitch of what the extension manager is and what you can do with it. Check it out on Channel 9 at:  


Visual Studio Gallery Updates

Our Visual Studio Gallery just got an update today with some small changes since our initial Beta 1 release a few weeks ago. Steven Wilssens, our main PM working on the gallery sums up the changes below: Feature Highlights · Referrals Count – During our initial release we only counted the number of downloads for…


How do I deploy a Toolbox Control as a VSIX?

Several partners have asked me how they can package up their Visual Studio 2010 Toolbox Controls as a VSIX and deploy it on the Visual Studio Gallery. In the past, we had a Toolbox Control Installer (TCI) which shipped as an MSM in the Visual Studio SDK. A developer building a toolbox control would include…


Channel 9 talks about Extensibility and VS 2010 Beta 1

I just got forwarded this Channel 9 video posted a couple of weeks ago:–a-WPF-Jukebox/ Dan and Brian talk about several new VS 2010 Beta 1 features including the Extension Manager, PLKs and the Integrated and Isolated Shells, and other new features and changes in the product. This blog gets a shout out in the video…


Why isn’t there a 64 bit version of Visual Studio?

Our Visual Studio Chief Architect, Rico Mariani, wrote up a great blog about why we haven’t moved to a 64 bit version of Visual Studio.  I’ve been asked this several times from partners and customers and I’ve gotten different responses asking the same question to other folks in the developer division.  Atleast Rico has put…


Building and publishing a Visual Studio 2010 extension walkthrough

It’s always great to see your General Manager excited about a feature you worked on.  It’s nice to see him mention it in his blog.  It’s even better when he sits down and writes an entire blog post about your feature! I demo’ed the Extension Manager and SDK to Jason Zander (my boss’ boss’ boss’…


Visual Studio 2010 SDK Beta 1 installer crashes when I click on "Next"

I updated our Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 SDK readme a few days ago but I wanted to call this out in case someone else ran into this and needed a workaround. Problem: When I try installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 SDK, it crashes when I click Next during the setup process. Reason: This…


Integrated and Isolated Shell for VS 2010 Beta 1

We quietly shipped the Visual Studio Integrated and Isolated Shells when Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 was released. The shells are still work in progress as we made some changes since VS 2008 SP1.  Both shells will have all the new goodness that came with VS 2010 including the WPF UI and feature updates to…