Recommend testing article "Leading a Culture of Effective Testing"

Last week,  I came cross a great article by Wes McClure “Leading a Culture of Effective Testing”, which I like most of his ideas: “Sharing the responsibility and allowing developers to contribute to supporting the systems they create is the first step towards reaping the benefits of effective testing.” “When testing is given to another…


Learning from doing

Inside Microsoft, there are many great people you can learn from.  For example, we all learned from Bing team which is the best service team in our Company.  So If you wonder how learned the most?  It was Bing team itself. I has been thought about this question for a couple of days.  Here is…


Testing the Limits with Gerald Weinberg

Please visit here for such a great interview with Gerald Weinberg In the latest installment of Testing The Limits we speak with Gerald Weinberg. Jerry has been practicing, teaching, lecturing, consulting, coaching and writing about software programming and testing since the 1950s. With decades of experience and accumulated knowledge he’s written more than 80 books…


A Tester’s Commitments by James Bach

Please follow this blog for ​A Tester’s Commitments by James Bach. Here is the first paragraph of the post:   This is the latest version of the commitments I make when I work with a programmer. Dear Programmer, My job is to help you look good. My job is to support you as you create…


Common Engineering Principle and Practices

In this blog, I will discussion a set of commonly used engineering principle and practices, namely, Continuous Integration,   Continuous Delivery, and various Testing Strategies, which you can use in your daily work. These principles helped many organizations to release their product fast with high quality and were fully integrated into Agile process.   He will show demos…


A good testing slides

I came cross the slideshare web site and find this very interesting talk related to tester.  I try to embedded the slides for this blog (not sure whether it is approipriate or violate the permission).  The full link of the presentation is Software testing _mod_9 from hellosashi


The journal of becoming senior tester (3) – becoming a professional QA

 Today, I like to discuss another career for senior SDET which is becoming professional tester.  In many company,  we call testers as QA (Quality Assurance ), QA exists long before Microsoft have the SDET role.  You may wonder what is the differentiate between QA and SDET?  Are our SDET quality assurances?  Let me use the…


Software Testing should be challenge, creative and enjoyable

​I believe the task of software testing should be creative and enjoyable.  In term of creativity of software testing,  we should never stop at the current testing methodology what we have today, we should always try to find a better way for testing, bringing ideas from other company, other fields.  In here, I list a…


From Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery

This Friday, four of us will give a presentation on how we build and test our SQL Azure Database Import/Export services.  If you are Microsoft Employee, you can contact me and I can send you the link of our talk.   I will talk about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. In here, I post a…