Share some great quote from Ren Zhengfei , CEO of Huawei

Share some great quote from Ren Zhengfei , CEO of Huawei

"Bigger than the world of the world, is your mind. "

we can't use the term "fail" any more in the future,  you want to use "exploration"  instead, since "heroes, defeated heroes." We need analyze the success or failure of the project, even it telling us the way is blocked, is also a kind of exploration.

Apple a lot of money, but too conservative; we don't have any money, but pretend to be rich as crazy investments.  We have no money, but still dare to do, Apple is so rich, why it did not do more? If Apple continues to lead the move human society, we can follow their lead if Apple can't put more money, you can only follow us, we will become as rich as Apple.

We will have two decision-making system, a decision-making system is the ideal Technology Center system, a decision-making system is customer-centric, Strategic Marketing base on realism.  Two systems in the middle of strong debate, compromise and achieving development goals.

The egg broke to the inside from the outside, it is a "fried egg"; break eggs from the inside to the outside, it's a new life. I also don't like the NFV or SDN because they will upset the pattern and structure of our entire communications network, but I do not want to be a someone from the outside to break us "fried egg". Embrace the challenges, embracing Subversion, this is our attitude towards future SDN, NFV.

Don't always think of a glory of leadership, not to bear this heavy burden slogans, and honor is useless for Huawei.

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