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 Mike Beltzner describes the tools and techniques used to keep Pinterest's platform stable and
responsive. Garrett Moon dives into the technology they developed.

 I strong suggest you watch the talk if you are developing mobile apps or you are building app stores. This talk shows quite a lot of tools (such as
cocoapods) and techniques to improve your apps and also some strategy used for app development,  such as dogfood, A/B testing, incremental
rollout,  three week release cycle, and monitoring.

 Ari Grant discusses how Facebook is iterating its mobile products, continuing to increase the
richness of the content and speed at which it is delivered.

 Christian Legnitto offers insight in some of the tools and processes used by Facebook for pushing new updates to their mobile apps.

At a recent Google Tech Talk in New York, Lindsay Pasricha, software test engineer at Google for the last eight years, provided a peek into the test and release processes for Google Chrome for iOS, exploring product development strategy, automated testing frameworks, and manual testing processes. Here a summary of the most important takeaways.

 In the past years, mobile applications took the world by storm and already changed the way we use
the internet for work or leisure. Various technologies emerged to create mobile apps and development processes start to consider mobile as first class citizens.
But even though mobile already seems to be omnipresent, the future is just about to start. We're facing new generations of mobile devices like wearables
or lots of mobile gadgets that make up the Internet of Things. We will be confronted with new types of user interfaces for displaying data as well as
accepting commands. And we will recognize more and more companies going real mobile first. All this will influence the way we design, develop and test
software in the coming years.

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