Not a tester any more

I was not a tester (in title) for 5 months and the experience is awesome.  I was actually not a tester for almost two years since I owe zero tests, zero sign-off and write zero tester for others.  The major trend inside Microsoft is combined engineers with no dedicated testers and test teams. If you are interesting, I can share some blogs about this.

You may wonder what I am doing now?  I am a developer in our telemetry team and I

  • report to one manager, but spend half of times to help other manager to develop dev ops tools since who you report to is not import, but what value you can add does matter.
  • full time seat with my customer (SQL Azure developer) and solve their issue in matter of hours (not days or weeks).
  • treat my customer's request as highest priority, saving their time is more important than saving my time.
  • write an automatic bot to resolve SQL Azure Livesite issue automatically with less than one minute resolving time, and save our Livesite engineers hundreds of time (they don't get wake up during night).
  • organize Yamjam for our service to bring the bridge between we and customer.
  • help to host other team's site which is used by many time when their team does not exist any more.
  • try to use the principle I learned to my project every day, such as unit testing,  continuous integration, A/B testing, deployment automation.




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  1. Greg says:

    Please share your experiences on how combined engineering is a benefit?  What type of teams or products would benefit from this?

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