How to fix Nokia Lumia 520 frequent shutting down issue

My Nokia Lumia 520 frequently shutdown recent days.  It happens more when I press the screen or hold it on the hand.  Today, I found the answer from


The problem is with the battery connectors. You have to bend slightly the connectors to the middle so that the battery is held right. I did it a week ago and everything is right! My phone used to close up to 15 times a day but it doesn't anymore.
Thank you Simon.

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  1. malia says:

    Hi I just board my nokia lumia and only three week from the day I buy the phone my nephew was trying to unlock it but she can't maked , the screen was coming black and the number is coming like 80 000 minute was clear and then the phone was clear and coming back to the normal but is going now for three month it too slow to become better…that's what my concern… can you help me to check my phone coming better…

  2. QingsongYao says:

    Hello, Malia

     Please specify your problem in details so that I can ask others to help you.

  3. AShok says:

    pl keep smal piece of paper near the connector , in order to elevate BAttery. Problem will be fixed. Better than bending the connector.

  4. Brandon says:

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  5. Nakeba Williams says:

    My nokia lumia 520 keeps shutting off for no reason. Van somebofy please give me some suggestions.

  6. khan says:

    lumia 520 frequently shutdown the application if i use camera after some time camera shutdown

    plz help me

  7. Alison Wright says:

    new lumia 520, cant take photos or make a call. please help. ive had one before with no problems. thankyou alison.

  8. Reno Conner says:

    The paper trick works. I have a Nokia Lumia 521 that I bought less than six months ago. About a week ago it started to shut off continuously.  It has not gotten wet nor have I "abused" it. My frustration level was at an all time high because I was perfectly happy with my flip phone! It got to the point where the phone would only stay on a few minutes at a time. Someone suggested it was the battery, so I ordered one on Amazon, but wondered waphat to do in the meantime about this phone, I need my phone…got a sick mother, a sick aunt,  and custody of my brother's teenage daughter who is involved in everything. I got online to see if someone could help, and saw a posting about putting a small slip of paper at the back of battery. It worked! I will keep the battery for future use when it arrives.

  9. HelpTerry says:

    QingsongYao, Thanks for that re-post. Makes perfect sense and worked for me too.

  10. Totonel says:

    Hi All,

       I see a recurrent pattern on my new Lumia 520, unlocked, using latest preview firmware:


        Hw version:

        Radio sw : 2.0.242037.8

        Chip 8227

        Whenever i have more apps running and try to open a new app, it reboots itself. It does not matter what apps it is. It happens randomly, even with dialer application.

        It does this regardless on wireless or on cellular connection.

        I have run Field Medic and collected dump but i can not analyze it with debugger, symbols are not available for me.

        Please let me know what are next steps to proceed, it has been really bad to see my new phone rebooting for no apparent reason at all.

    Thank you,


  11. Tina says:

    Please help,my phone keeps going off in the middle of calls only.It doesn't do that when am browsing or etc it's a Lumia 520

  12. Orangeorange says:

    I tried the paper trick, but now, my battery is stuck and wont come out. How can I take it out?

  13. susant says:

    Please  help.. Actually my Lumia 520  application is atomic close . So, How. Is it possible

  14. theophilus says:

    i reset my nokia lumia

    and the power couldnt come on

    it is only displaying the nokia logo

  15. czar eldridge says:

    My lumia 520 rebOots then displays 'NOKIA' on the screen for the whole day…tried hard reset,its never wOrking for me..tried the paper and connector trick..still won't work…its also heating up…what other alternative do u have??….

  16. blue says:

    Hi, my Nokia lumia 520, for some reason turns off the internet at 7:00 pm. I have turn my Nokia phone on and off again. i have turn off the internet on and off again. what can i do? i have family messaging me on Facebook but i can replay because it turns off at 7:00 pm. But when i leave to go to places it stays on until i get home.  Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  17. aryeh says:

    My Nokia 208 dual sim keeps shutting down.  It tries to start up 3 times but shuts down on its own after the 3rd time it turns itself off for good.  How to get it started?

  18. Joseph says:

    hi, my Nokia lumia 520 , when press on button it just write Nokia & shut itself off

  19. Grain says:

    Hey my lumia 520 when turnwd on just writes nokia then it turns blue on screen and goes off

  20. Jen says:

    My lumia 520 was turning off and on continuously found out it was actually my memory card when I removed it phone came on like normal

  21. venkat says:

    My lumia 520 has updated and trying to restart. when it starts, running gears will appear on screen and turns to off. please help me..!

  22. William Tanner says:

    My girlfriend in the Philippines Is haveing a problem with her Nokia phone she cannot open the app store how can this problem be fixed. She is also having trouble with her phone shuting down like some of the other people here. I seen about the paper trick and will her about it.  Please leave your comment in my gmail inbox at

    Ps. Thanks for listening and hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  23. khensani says:

    hi yesterday my phone switched itself off while i was on bbm since then when i switch it on and press the back arrow it switches off or if i try to use it. please help me other thing is that my data connection its still on cant switch it off. please help me i love this phone

  24. vicky says:

    If we use internet sometime .it automatically shutdown and turn on .what reason for that.pls tell me

  25. meghana says:

    i had lumia 520,it was working properly and was in fine condition suddenly it stopped working toay and got switched off automatically…..dont know what to do ??

  26. mignon says:

    bonjour mon nokia lumia s'etait eteint depuis depuis deux jours il etait decharger pouvez vous m'aide svp

  27. laythro says:

    i have got lumia 525.i dont know why its getting automatically switch off while calling,texting etc?

  28. AC says:

    Bending the battery connectors a tiny bit SAVED my phone!  It was shutting down each time I put it on a table or shook it a bit.  I was about to buy a new one but this totally solves the problem.  Thank you SIMON and QUINSONG 🙂

    Also, I don't see how bending the connectors so little would really hurt the phone.  They just grab the battery better so it won't get loose.  (Seems like sticking paper in there might be more of a spark hazard?)  But both fixes are probably fine.

  29. thabisa.inRSA says:

    my lumia 435 switches its self frequently and this 1 is the 2 one.what is wrong with these phones,i've wasted my money i should have bought a samsung

  30. Jules says:

    Mine switches off too…!!!! During messaging, conversations. This is the second lumia 435, due to first one doing exactly the same. Very disappointed, waste of money.!!!!!

  31. cate says:

    Mine switches of in the middle of a call, not any other times, so sick of it-worse ph I've ever owned-at 64 it's a lot. All the useless apps on start up screen, having to trawl to find what I really need. Typical microsoft ********t never again

  32. Ranjan says:

    paper trick is just awesome. try it guys if u have the same problem of automatically switching off. believe me guys paper trick is worth the value.

  33. kenosi says:

    Mine does not switch on, i have to hold it tight in order to switch on.

  34. stitchos says:

    I love  my nokia lumia 510 esp the  navigation  app nokia drive .But this issue  of shutting down itself  its really making me angry.i will never again buy lumia in my life time i will stick to android phones.

  35. majid says:

    Hi my lumia 520 camera app not opening. When i press the camera shortcut it blackens and then shut down. What to plz tell

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