Recommend Blog Post "Testers – The Scientists Who Produce Knowledge about the Quality of SUT"

Several month ago,  I read a Chinese girl Xiaomei  tai (邰晓梅) ‘s blog, and find a very deep thought about testers and scientists.  In here, I copied her last paragraph to show how deep thought of this blog. BTW, if you understand Chinese,  I suggest you read her blog about Black Swan series.   Similarities…


Recommend Slides "Call Of Duty :DevOps"

I recently downloaded a couple of slides related to Cloud, BigData and DevOps from and this slide is one of the best slides I read.   I am very interesting to see the talk, but was unable to find it.  Hope you can enjoy it:   Call of Duty: Dev Ops from AppDynamics


Recommend J.D. Meier’s Blog

Today,  I come cross J.D. Meier’s Blog,  and was immediately attracted by his insight thoughts.  I strong recommend you read some of his blogs.  A couple of them are: Trends for 2013: The Rise of the Entrepreneur The power of values