"How Netflix Deploys Code"

I am pretty busy recently to handling live site issue, so has little time to write my own blogs.  I decide to take a quick way.  I like to share several blogs/articles for you. The area might be testing, cloud, database and service.  Today's articles "How Netflix Deploys Code" was published on infoq.com.  Here is my thinking about this paper:


This article  talks about how Netflix deploys a hundred times per day.  You will see lot of family terms: "DevOps", Continuous Deployment,etc.  My take is that don't think them literally, don't try to mimic what they did.  Understand some of the idea, and take incremental step to adopt them into our team.   A couple of ideas are:
  "DevOps": means that engineers decide which fix is important, and when should be deployed into public cluster.  This is a very important cluster shift.  There should not be a gatekeeper team, but the team who own the service own the responsibility end to end.
 "Chao Monkey":  can our engineering have public and dogfood account which can help us to learn the experiment of the sql azure and test some bug fix?   I knew one of  our tester did some experiment on dogood a couple of times, and was always finding shipper blockers.  Changing the mind of not breaking things, don't be afraid of trying something.  If you don't try, you never knows




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  1. Greg Duncan says:

    Just FYI, but your "How Netflix Deploys Code" link is borked…

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