uTest blog: "Advice from 2011′s Testers of the Year"

Please visit this blog  for Advice from 2011′s Testers of the Year. In here,  I copied a couple of advises which are relevent to us:

 “Test with the customer in mind. Take a look at the bug you are about to file, will it truly be valuable to the customer? If so, file it.” Carl Schrader, USA

“Pay attention to the details of each test cycle and if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask.” Andy Merrill, USA

 “Always give 100% in everything and strive to do a good job. As well as participating in test cycles, I find it important to help out others in the community and imparting knowledge. This is something that I believe only makes our community and spirit stronger.” David Honeyball, United Kingdom

“Be professional in your communication and don’t panic if a bug gets rejected – that’s not the end of the world!” Moritz Schoenberg, Germany

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