A Chinese article "前富士康CEO程天纵:创新来自长尾,创业源于创客!"

This is the talk by  CEO Of FoxConn, Terry Cheng.  He talked about all big company will be disappeared in one day, and why big company can not lead innovation and how he think about what is the status of “Maker” and how Makers will lead the next generation of innovation.  Please visit the chinese…

Recommend Blog Post "Testers – The Scientists Who Produce Knowledge about the Quality of SUT"

Several month ago,  I read a Chinese girl Xiaomei  tai (邰晓梅) ‘s blog, and find a very deep thought about testers and scientists.  In here, I copied her last paragraph to show how deep thought of this blog. BTW, if you understand Chinese,  I suggest you read her blog about Black Swan series.   Similarities…

Recommend Slides "Call Of Duty :DevOps"

I recently downloaded a couple of slides related to Cloud, BigData and DevOps from www.infoq.com and this slide is one of the best slides I read.   I am very interesting to see the talk, but was unable to find it.  Hope you can enjoy it:   Call of Duty: Dev Ops from AppDynamics


Recommend J.D. Meier’s Blog

Today,  I come cross J.D. Meier’s Blog,  and was immediately attracted by his insight thoughts.  I strong recommend you read some of his blogs.  A couple of them are: Trends for 2013: The Rise of the Entrepreneur The power of values

Two Hadoop Blogs I plan to read

I think bellow two articles/talks are good.  Just put them in my blog so that I will read later. Hadoop Virtual Panel In this virtual panel, InfoQ talks to several Hadoop vendors and users about their views at current and future state of Hadoop and the things that are the most important for Hadoop’s further…

Acceptance Testing Driven Development (ATDD) Use SpecFlow

In recent years, user scenario testing based on customer stories is very popular in Open Source world, and inside Microsoft. There is a mind shift for testing which is that testing should focus more on what customer need, but not finding functional bugs. Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) is one of the wonderful testing practice, one…


Learning from doing

Inside Microsoft, there are many great people you can learn from.  For example, we all learned from Bing team which is the best service team in our Company.  So If you wonder how learned the most?  It was Bing team itself. I has been thought about this question for a couple of days.  Here is…

No Email after 8PM

  I found that we are working so hard, emails coming through all the days,  11PM, 1PM, 5AM and all weekends. So I decided to stop sending email after 8PM.

My thought on data pipeline

We learned many lesson during developing and using SQL Azure Dashboard for live site troubleshooting.  We also collected and learned how other team do data pipeline and data driven decision.  In this document, we provide some initial thought on how we can improve our SQL Azure’ data driven decision. Business Requirement In this section, we…