People never learn from others

    Learning from other’s experience is a good thing. However, what I found is that in most of the time, people seldom learn from others because unless he/she face the same issue, make the same mistake, he/she will think about maybe other’s experience will help.  Take service as example,  we all know that treating config as code,  don’t throw the bits to ops by asking them to deploy,  deployment automation
is the key, and release notes must be well written.  However, in practical, people just forget all of them, until he/she hit the wall and cause big issues, and we start to realize how important of these principles.

  So how we handle this?  Hiring the people who has such experience, hiring people who is true technique leader and who know how hard to make a service succeed, and how easy to fail a service.  Let the people knowing technique drive your service.



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