The journal of becoming senior tester (15) – Take time to thinking

In recent days, I tried to understand how we should teach or how student learn. My experience of doing Ph.D study and my recent Dale Carnegie Training provide me some thought on this:

  • The best way of teaching others or sharing experience to others is to make them thinking. No matter what they thought during your talk, they learned. A good practice is to encourage them to talk and interact with you.
  • Thinking itself sometime might not be enough; we might need practice and apply our thought in our work.

For researching papers, most of our paper follows the classic styles, which must have introduction, related works, experimental result, and conclusion. A paper without experimental result is nearly impossible to be published. On the other hand, the essential of a paper is the idea, which somehow was hidden in the paper or not trivial to find. I think that is one of the issues of researching.

The same thing is also apply when we want to do presentation to show people something or we want to write something to teach others. First, you will spend lot of times on researching on what I should think. After you have something idea in mind, you will eager to share with others by writing and which is a good way to summarize your idea.

Finally, I believe the value of senior tester is the idea/skill he/she can bring to the team, not the work he/she did in the past. Being able to think hard problem and find solution is an important skill for our tester.

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