The journal of becoming senior tester (6) – switch role or stay

was plan to write some suggestion for whether you should stay in your current role or switch to another role in different org or different company. Before I wrote my thought, I think I can give you some references on this topic.

The first aritle is a 10 year old artitle published on Interface, the title is "Career?! What career?". The article frankly states that "Your career development is your responsibility." and "You manage your own career." And then talking about how you, your manager and Microsoft can work together to help you grow. Then, the artitle provide a series of questions for you to answer. Depend on your answer, it provide very good suggestion whether it is time for change. One of the best part I like is that it has a lot of Probing, open-ended questions. By looking back..., you are asked to thinking about the past working experimence, By looking forward, you are asked about what you want to be. Answering these question really help you to think about your career.

Then, the second aritle is on the same issue which is about "Is it time for a change?". The artile list eight career path options: Enrichment, Lateral, Vertical, Cross-functional, Realignment, Exploratory, Perform, and Other Pursuits. The artile discuss how you decide when to make change, When is it not time for a change?, how to do your homework and make a good move. It also have a lot of examples from others.

 Unfortunately, both articles are internal article which I can not share with your guys.

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