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I like to share the RSS feeds I followed for reference: Monash Research All Things Quality QA Intelligence – a QABlog Esther Derby Your Software Has Bugs Software Testing Blog Creative Chaos Test Obsessed James Bach’s Blog ScottGu’s Blog Channel 9 Thinking Tester JW on Tech 淘测试 外刊IT评论

Common Engineering Principle and Practices

In this blog, I will discussion a set of commonly used engineering principle and practices, namely, Continuous Integration,   Continuous Delivery, and various Testing Strategies, which you can use in your daily work. These principles helped many organizations to release their product fast with high quality and were fully integrated into Agile process.   He will show demos…


Tester’s Career Series

I have been a tester for more than seven years and I grow from SDET to SDET II and from SDET II to senior tester recently.  During my career as a professional tester, I was wondering whether I should switch to developer, whether I can find another testing job in other company, whether our SDETs…


People never learn from others

    Learning from other’s experience is a good thing. However, what I found is that in most of the time, people seldom learn from others because unless he/she face the same issue, make the same mistake, he/she will think about maybe other’s experience will help.  Take service as example,  we all know that treating config…

My past testing experience

I like to share some of my past testing experience using the below slides. Enjoying      This is an embedded <a target=”_blank” href=”” data-mce-href=””>Microsoft Office</a> presentation, powered by <a target=”_blank” href=”” data-mce-href=””>Office Web Apps</a>.

My take away on Seattle Technical Forum : Cloud Computing Revealed

This is my take away from Seattle Tech Forum Cloud Computing section. I tried to write down what I heard from the talk. The forum’s Meetup website is, which you can find all referenced documents I mentioned in the talk, such as how Google testing services, Amazon AWS, etc. If you are in Seattle…

A good testing slides

I came cross the slideshare web site and find this very interesting talk related to tester.  I try to embedded the slides for this blog (not sure whether it is approipriate or violate the permission).  The full link of the presentation is Software testing _mod_9 from hellosashi

Technology Radar from ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks is one the best consult and technologycompany.  The technology radar document describe the trend  in termof platform, tools,  techniques and language/framework.   Thisissue has some talk about testing,  bigdata,  deployment which mightrelevant to us.  I think it might be good for we keep up to date about thetrend in the industry.  “Here are the trends…

享技术,聚朋友。Tcon2012专题 at

You can look at to find 2012年ADC技术嘉年华资料,  You  can get the latest testing techniques from Chinese Internet companies. Also look at 淘测试2011年终刊 at  And follow Taobao QA team’s blog at   Qingsong

The journal of becoming senior tester (3) – becoming a professional QA

 Today, I like to discuss another career for senior SDET which is becoming professional tester.  In many company,  we call testers as QA (Quality Assurance ), QA exists long before Microsoft have the SDET role.  You may wonder what is the differentiate between QA and SDET?  Are our SDET quality assurances?  Let me use the…