My Take a way for SASQAG $99 day training: “Using Flow and Kanban for Better Testing and Happier Workplace”


What is SASQAG?

Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group (SASQAG) is a Seattle
area  rovide educational and certification opportunities in a non-commercial
atmosphere within an organization of software quality professionals. The
organization has monthly meeting at every third Thursday. You can also see for
other related test activites.

What is KANBAN

is a method for developing products with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery
while not overloading the developers. It emphasizes that developers pull work
from a queue, and the process, from definition of a task to its delivery to the
customer, is displayed for participants to see.[1]

Kanban can be
divided into two parts:

  • Kanban - A visual process management
    system that tells what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce.
  • The Kanban
    Method – an approach to incremental, evolutionary process change for

What is the training

Jim Benson will lead a $99 one-day seminar on flow systems
and quality control. He will discuss how flow works differently than iterations
or milestones, how to manage chaotic workloads, how to communicate you or your
team's workload to the rest of the organization, the psychology of kanban /
flow, continuous improvement, and social problem solving techniques. This is a
workshop-style seminar, so Jim will work with participants to use the techniques
in the class to come up with real solutions to real issues being faced. When you
leave this class you will have a list of immediately actionable tasks you can

Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban use the same technique as we manage your project using Kanban
(we refer it as project Kanban) to manage your own tasks. It only has two core

The most important question we ask ourself everyday is what I should do

Visualize your work:

Your brain is not good on remember all tasks you want to do.

Limit your work-in-progress

Your brain is not good for doing multi-task. Don't overdue your tasks as

Why personal Kanban:

  • Get organized: Your brain is not good on remember all tasks you want to do.
  • Make decision: What task to do next is totally related to the context. Your
    past activity help you make decision.
  • See what your achievement is.
  • Help you better plan. Let your past result drive your ongoing work.
  • Pull is always better than push. You pull your next tasks once you finish
    one task. Give professional freedom that will get things done.
  • The movement of stick/tasks moving from states get branch to think and

An example of Personal Kanban: http://kanban/board.aspx?alias=qyao 

Personal Kanban

Other Techniques:

  • The Pomodoro Technique: working for 25 minutes and have a rest for 5 minutes
    (example: FocusTime at toolbox is one of the best tool).
  • The three continuous: continuous integration, continuous deployment,
    continuous improvements

Other people's feedback:


    They have stabilization phase, which release project every 3 month. Use
Kanban to managing tasks and workitems by having task flow and bug flow. Bug
flow was built from VSTS.

Alaska Airlines:

    Use Kanban to manage projects, and cross team collaboration. Sometime,
the decision of management will change the whole team's project significantly.
However, since the decision is very transparent to everyone, and very planed, so
projects will not be hurt. They also do root cause analyzed on the
progress/project so that people can change the progress to become better.

Alaska Airlines discourage people use e-mail, prefer face to face chat. On
the other hand, E-mail is a way of asynchronize communication tool (other people
in the group seems like e-mail).

Other thought:

  • In project Kanban, how can we reduce the wall between dev and tester?
  • Time bomb is so common, the reason is that we focus on schedule more than
  • Replying on hero to save project on the last minute is bad.
  • Kanban is tool.
  • Dumbing group:
  • Google doc has visualization feature, and it is good for multiple authors to
    work together.
  • Handsome bias: bias based on your past exper

Useful information

Personal Kanban:

Internal Kanban: http://kanban/

Leankit Kanban is one of the Kanban tool

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