my draft thought

  1. Focus:  Test Design, Coding Style,  Not Test Patters
  2. What is the problem ? In general, we will avoid following thing when we writing tests:
    1. Test Code is hard to read.
    2. Lack of design patterns.  There are many C# design patterns, what and how we should use?
    3. Legacy code is hard to test, Legacy test code is hard to maintain.  So we want avoid  this happen when we start to use programming way to write test. We want the test only change when the spec/requirement is changed.
    4. Sometime, we lose the connected between test spec and test code.  We can make a test as a  document which describe what it want to achieve.
    5. TODO, can we give some example?
  3. What are we today?  We need to find the answer.  Asking PipiLine guys,  ADO .Net guys 's experience can give us some idea, also can we should some example from outside of SQL.
  4. What is the relationship between other testing projects?  Let us find it out
  5. Why we need do something? Apparent, we need to convince ourself and the convince others.
  6. What the pan?  Let us decide
  7. What is the goal?  Let us find out
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