my thought

1)  The best way of teaching others or sharing experience to others is to make them thinking.  No matter what they thought during your talk, they learned. A good practice is to encourage them to talk and interact with you.

2)  The people who write the books always have more thought than the reader.  The people who create the test tool always have more idea about why and how about the tool.  A smart people should try to read the mind of others.

3)  Customer =/  User

4)  Why we do testing is a tough question, I need to find the answer

5) I have a task of written down the five areas a tester need to have

6) I need write down the importance of the requirement, and how to handle the situation where the reuqirement is not so clear.

7) diversity is always good than monopoly. Although we  saw the trend of unifying the test tools, we should see the continue diversity of testing methodology, and we should always encourage people do this.

8) I need write down my thought of how developer writing unit test, TDD.

9) I need find the list of testing patterns,  and always try to match them when doing test plan

10) I need to get an idea of how to merger functional requirement, use scenario,  interesting test area and testing pattern together to give a good testing plan.

11) I need to learn agile developing and agile testing

12) I need to finish reading the "Essential Testing" 

13) I need to write more about my thought on project management. 

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