My future posting related to semi-structured.


  In this blog entry, I will provide a list of topics I will cover in further blogs.

  • When to use and How to use Filtered Indices.

  • Introduce to the Column Set XML Column and Wide Table feature in SQL Server 2008

  • Redesign the Project Management System

  • Tuning and Redesign a row-per-property based application

  • Tuning and Redesign a column-mapping based application

  • Tuning XML based application using Sparse Column + Filtered Indices

  • Conclusion: a generic approach to design property management system

I attached the slides about experiments of my experiment on the Project management system in this blog.  I also updated the script I attached in my previous blog at here, it can estimate space saving by sampling the data now. 

I am always interesting to get feedback or suggestion about your semi-structured application,  if your guys have comment about my blog or have sparse column, filtered indices and xml related question, feel free to contact me.  Also, please provide comments to encourage me continue writing.

Project Management.ppt

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