Python tools in your language

This week we've released a preview of the next update to Visual Studio. It has all of the improvements that were released recently in VS 2017 Update 1, and also the earliest previews of VS 2017 Update 2.

For Python support, probably our most significant update is that we are now available in all fourteen languages that Visual Studio ships with.

Visual Studio 2017 language packs

We're really excited to be making our tooling available to more people all around the world.

Options window in Korean

While Python itself is predominantly English, many developers are able to get by without fluency. The same also applies for Visual Studio, but it is a much more pleasant experience to have a familiar interface.

New Projects in German

Since we often display information coming from Python itself or others who are not fully localized, you will still see English from time to time.

Interactive window in Russian

Our goal is to ensure that everything we can translate into your language will be translated, and that those translations are correct and helpful.

Python Menu in Spanish

Do you use or can you read any of Visual Studio's languages? Here's how you can help us out:

After installing the update, choose Modify, bring up the Language Packs tab, and select any languages you can read. Then, inside Visual Studio, you can use the International Settings options to switch to whichever language you would like. This will translate all of Visual Studio, even if you are not using that language for Windows.

Visual Studio Language selection screen

Then, as you use the product, please report any translation issues you spot at this github issue. The best reports will include:

  • a screenshot with the problem clearly marked
  • your own translation of the text into English
  • a suggested alternative translation

We will forward these reports to our localization team to assess and fix. Our plan is to be declared fully stable for this upcoming update, which means we need to find all the problems we can during this preview. Your help is really appreciated.

Visual Studio 2017 in Chinese

Thanks for using Visual Studio!

Comments (6)
  1. Andrei Zakharevich says:

    Does it support integration with Python 3.7 ?

    1. Not automatically (3.7 hasn’t been released yet), but if you add a Custom Environment (via the Python Environments window) then it should work okay for most purposes.

  2. Ramon Barbosa says:

    Still Python Tools not available for VS 2017 (without preview version)?

    1. It’s coming – keep watching the blog, we’ll post here as soon as it’s available.

  3. Florian Jilg says:

    How can I Join the preview?

    1. You can download it from though you should get the version that matches what you own (Community is free, but Professional and Enterprise are also available).

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