Azure App Service – What is taking my disk space for my Azure Web App ?

While working on Azure App service, you may notice disk full errors. These may surface in different ways for e.g. The application may get the error “System.IO.IOException: There is not enough space on the disk”. You may see disk errors while browsing to the KUDU Console. You try to publish using VSTS or Visual Studio…


Automating WebApps hosted in Azure App Service through PowerShell – ARM Way

Azure Resource Manager is a powerful way of automating almost anything in Azure. In this blog I will talk about how we use the ARM based PowerShell CmdLets to automate common tasks for managing / maintaining WebApps in Azure App Service. First of all, I want to mention that there are two modes for writing…


Azure Website SiteExtension to view EventLogs

Did you know that Microsoft Azure websites have an amazing feature called Site Extensions ? Site extensions enables you to write a set to tools that can be installed on any Azure website once your extension is deployed in the SiteExtensions Gallery. To know more about Azure site extensions and Azure SiteExtensions gallery, please read…


How to get the WS-AT Transactions Tab in DCOMCNFG ?

If you worked with Distributed Transactions, you may already be aware that they are configured in “Component services” MMC. We can also configure WS-AT transactions in “Component Services”, but there are a few steps required to configure it properly. In this blog I will talk about how to enable this functionality in the MMC and…


Finding out the Thread which is actually handling the WCF request for the HttpContext

In the recent past, the PSSCOR2 debugger extension was made public. This debugger extension contains a very useful command called !aspxpages which shows you information about various requests running in the dump, the time they have been executing and the thread associated with the System.Web.HttpContext. Here is an example of what this command shows…


EventId 4196 – Troubleshooting Crashes in COM+ Applications

Typically we expect that a piece of code that works once should work ALWAYS but this is not as simple as it sounds. Even though you have tested your component or application enough, it is not always possible to test all the codepaths and all sorts of situations that can arise in an application. As…


DebugDiag script to load all symbols in a dump file

At times you really need to load symbols for all modules loaded in a dump either because you want to put a breakpoint on some function (which is not exported in a module or you want) or to see the right function names in call-stacks logged in the DebugDiag’s log file for debugging purposes. The…


Where is the Client Certificates UI in IIS 7.0 ?

One of the things which I found missing in the IIS 7.0 user interface was the UI which lets you configure the Client certificate mappings for IIS. In the present world, if you want to configure the client certificate mappings for a web site, you will have to use the configuration editor and specify the…


The hidden tool – MSDTC Transaction Tracing

If you deal with MSDTC frequently, you might have noticed an option to toggle the tracing options for transactions in the MSDTC settings but I am not sure how many are really aware of what information is logged inside the trace file and how the trace file can be converted from a binary format to…


DCOM Error 10010 in the Event logs and SLUGGISH server performance

We have come across this specific issue on Windows 2003 (post service pack 1) and Windows XP (post service pack 2) where the machine experiences slow performance and we observe many DCOM 10010 ERRORS in the event logs. If you are running in to this issue, you may see some of the symptoms/errors listed below….