Want to access SQL Server 2005 from PHP?

You are in luck!  Version 1.0 RTM of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP is live!  Check out the SQLPHP blog for more details: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlphp/archive/2008/07/28/microsoft-sql-server-2005-driver-for-php-v1-0-has-released.aspx -Marc Technorati Tags: sql server 2005,php

SCREENCAST: Exposing/Consuming RSS/ATOM using WCF 3.5 & Silverlight 2

In this screencast, I show you how easy it is to expose RSS and Atom feeds using the new Web Programming Model (REST) features, classes in the new System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace, and LINQ to SQL in the .NET Framework 3.5.  Then, you will see how you can use classes from the System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace to consume RSS…


DC Launch Follow Up

Thanks to everyone who stuck around for my "Defy Occasionally-Connected Challenges With Smart Client Applications" session at the DC Launch.  The deck and demo files are available here: Deck Workflow Services Demo Sync Services for ADO.NET Demo Server Database The demos require Visual Studio 2008 and depend on a SQL Server 2005 database.  I made…

WEBCAST: Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET

Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET makes building applications for occasionally connected environments a logical extension of building applications where you can count on a consistent network.  Rather than simply replicating a database and its schema, the Synchronization Services application programming interface (API) provides a set of components to synchronize data between data services and a…


FOLLOW UP: Public Sector Developer Conference (Seattle & Olympia, WA)

Thanks to everyone who attended.  All of my demos are based on Visual Studio 2008 / .NET Framework 3.5 RTM.  Here are the downloads: Introduction to LINQ + LINQ to SQL – deck, demo code NOTE: You will need to install both the Northwind (available here) and AdventureWorks (available here) sample databases for the LINQ…

More info on LINQ to SQL performance

Soma just blogged about VS 2008 Performance Improvements.  There is some good info in his post.  One of the things he mentioned was: “For example, with the new LINQ facility we set a goal that LINQ performance be significantly better than using a SqlDataAdaptor for the same query and competitive with using a SqlDataReader, the…


MOSS Supports Live Earth – How we built Conservation International’s Public Websites

You may recall in a previous post, I wrote about how I led a couple of projects to migrate Conservation International’s public websites to SharePoint Server 2007 as well as implement a Silverlight v1.1-based Carbon Offset Calculator that is currently hosted on Conservation International’s newly re-launched BiodiversityHotspots.org site, which is completely powered by MOSS. I’ve been working with the Microsoft Gold…


Excellent video going deep on LINQ to SQL

Charlie Calvert published a video where Matt Warren (C# Principal Architect) & Luca Bolognese (Lead Program Manager) have a very deep discussion of LINQ to SQL internals.  I you’re like me and you really like to know how all the moving parts work, then this is a MUST SEE video.  Details here. -Marc


"How Do I?" Videos for SQL Server 2005 Express

I’ve heard from lots of customers who really like the ASP.NET “How Do I?” videos.  I think they are a great way to learn in short spurts.  There are a new set of videos for SQL Server 2005 Express here. -Marc