Webcast Schedule for April 2008

Register today for our upcoming webcasts! DATE TIME LOCATION TITLE AND REGISTRATION LINK PRESENTERS OWNER TARGET AUDIENCE April 9, 2008 14:00 -15:30 EST Webcast Geospatially Enabling SharePoint with IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion Suite Marc Schweigert Marc Schweigert Developers April 11, 2008 14:00 -15:30 EST Webcast Overview of Microsoft Office Open XML Format   Joel Reyes…


Free Download: Updated SharePoint (WSS and MOSS) SDK’s

Microsoft has just recently released the latest updates to the SharePoint SDK’s.  If you are a SharePoint Developer, this is important for you, because there are usually changes/updates in the API documentation and occasionally new Samples. Here are the downloads: The WSS SDK: Click here download The SharePoint SDK: Click here to download    Here’s…


Free Download: SharePoint Server 2007 DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit

For anyone who is looking/waiting for the Microsoft Resource Kit for the Records Management (DoD 5015.2) standard, that kit has been released and is publicly available for download. Here’s what’s in the resource kit: Overview The DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit provides tools and guidance for evaluating additional features and functionality which has enabled SharePoint Server…


Free Download: VS 2008 Database Edition Power Tools

Microsoft has released a set of Power Tools for folks who use Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools. Here’s the description of what’s in this free download, and it’s a lot! This release updates the Power Tools for the Database Edition to work with Visual Studio 2008 and provides several new features….


Free Download: SQL Server 2008 February CTP

The Microsoft SQL Server team has released the next CTP of SQL Server 2008 (February 2008).  Here’s the overview of what’s in it: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, the next release of Microsoft SQL Server, provides a comprehensive data platform that is more secure, reliable, manageable and scalable for your mission critical applications, while enabling developers…


Free Download: Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0

The Microsoft Visual Basic Team has released an updated version of the Visual Basic Power Pack, and I (as a C# Developer) am jealous! Here’s an Overview of what’s in the Power Pack: The new DataRepeater control included in this version of the Visual Basic Power Packs allows you use standard Windows Forms controls to…


How to: Ruby on .NET (IronRuby), versus Ruby on Rails

For those of you who are interested in looking at the new Ruby Syntax, but are more comfortable with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework, then you might want to take a look at IronRuby.  IronRuby is an ongoing project to build a version of Ruby that will ride on the .NET Framework (Similar to…


Free Download: Updated Visual Studio 2005 tools for SharePoint Development

Microsoft has released version 1.1 of the Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0!  These are the tools that you use to build web parts, site definitions, etc.  I don’t find myself in Visual Studio 2005 as much these days, because I use Visual Studio 2008 as my primary development environment, but I thought…


Free Download: Hot-Fixes for Visual Studio 2008 (Web Development)

As reported on Scott Guthrie’s (General Manager of the Microsoft .NET Developer Platform Division) blog, Microsoft has released a Hot-Fix Roll-up for Visual Studio 2008.   These hot-fixes address the following issues: HTML Source view performance Source editor freezes for a few seconds when typing in a page with a custom control that has more…


Video: ADO.NET Entity Framework… One year later

This is a video that’s been in existence for a while and some of you may have already seen it, but throughout all of the research that I’ve done on The Entity Frameworks future, I hadn’t seen it.  If I hadn’t seen it, I was thinking that others may not have either. What I found…