Code Coverage for Silverlight and Windows Phone

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. As part of building my WP7 app, I spent a fair amount of time trying to get code coverage working for my unit tests. I tried a number of different approaches including using the Silverlight Unit Test Framework and NUnit + dotCover. I finally landed on an approach…


SHAMELESS PLUG: My First WP7 Marketplace App

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. UPDATE: A great majority of people never look at an app unless it is free.  Even though the manual rate lookup feature of my app is free through trial mode and never times out, I decided to publish an identical version of the app with trial mode behavior…


Watch PDC10 via Live Broadcast for FREE

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. For the first time, the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) will be broadcast live for anyone to watch without having to pay a conference fee. The player/agenda is live now at Go check it out! -Marc

0 plugin for Windows Live Writer

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. If you use a custom account for shortening urls and then tracking clicks across things like twitter, facebook, emails, blogs, etc., then you’ll surely find the plugin for Windows Live Writer useful. -Marc


Windows Phone 7 and SharePoint 2010

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. I always hesitate to publish a blog post that is just a link to someone else’s.  However, sometimes you just want to make sure people know certain posts exists.  This is one from Paul Stubbs (@PaulStubbs on twitter) qualifies: Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 -…


Big Windows Phone 7 Announcements Today!

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. You will be able to watch the announcements live today starting at 9:30 eastern from: If you prefer not to watch the video, but just check in on what’s being announced, check out engadget’s liveblog: Don’t forget to download the free tools from: Once you…


The unofficial biography of Microsoft, ASP.NET, Ajax, and jQuery

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. The Microsoft Ajax strategy has been a bit of a winding road.  Even if you’ve kept up with the evolution, as I have, you might be a little confused.  Today, Scott Guthrie published a blog post announcing that Microsoft’s first submissions to jQuery are official.  There was a…


YOU’RE INVITED: Windows Phone 7 Developer Event

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Windows® Phone 7 is here – and with it comes a new world of opportunity for passionate, creative developers. Windows Phone 7 gives you the power to build complex, robust applications using consistent hardware specs, a comprehensive development toolkit, and the all-new, full-service Marketplace for selling your apps. Get ready…


Silverlight and Accessibility

NOTE: This was cross posted from here. Just found this via the Silverlight SDK blog.  There’s a new QuickStart guide on Silverlight and Accessibility.  The link on their site is bad, but here’s the correct link: Making Silverlight Applications Accessible -Marc


Tanagram Partners: Exploring Natural User Interfaces In the Real World

[Cross-Posted from James Chittenden’s Blog] It looks like our Channel 9 video with Tanagram Partners is up and posted! We had the chance to interview their team and discuss Augmented Reality and Gesture Recognition in building NUI-based apps. This was a very interesting talk with thoughts and approaches to effectively building a NUI, walking through…