Essential Anatomy 3 – Journey inside the human body in 3d…

Microsoft's Public Sector DX team had the privilege to work with 3D4Medical in releasing a great 3D based Windows 8.1 app in the store, so thought of sharing a little bit about it.

Essential Anatomy 3 is a new app that features easy-to-navigate 3D imaging of the human body, delivering accurate anatomical models for students and medical practitioners.A cutting-edge graphics engine powers the imaging, which includes 10 different body systems – such as skeletal, veins and respiratory – and more than 4,000 anatomical structures. Strip away layers of muscle and view any anatomic structure by itself and from any angle. You can also hear the correct pronunciation for every structure and quiz yourself.

Go inside the wonder that is inside all of us with Essential Anatomy 3, now in the Windows Store. (A free trial is available.)  Feel free to check out the app and share with your family/friends.

Here's the link to their Window 8.1 app -

Hope it also inspires you to deliver equally powerful and innovative experiences on Windows 8.1.  Let us know how we can help.



Public Sector DX Team.






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