The Microsoft Digital Enterprise Hack presented by 1776 and Booz Allen

More and more enterprises are relying heavily on digital tools and apps for collaboration and engagement with their mobile workforce. But there are still lots of shortfalls such as reliability, security, and accessibility. To tackle these limitations, Booz Allen and 1776 are hosting the Microsoft Digital Enterprise Hack, the first installment of the 1776 + Booz Allen Hack-celerator Series.

The Hack-celerator Series provides developers and entrepreneurs with the experience of an accelerator in the format of a high-paced hackathon. Our weekend hack-celerators include mentorship from industry and subject experts, opportunities to test different technical environments in real-time, and feedback groups to help steer your idea in the right direction.

During the Microsoft Digital Enterprise Hack, developers, designers, professionals, and mentors will come together to brainstorm, form teams, develop apps, and compete for prizes. Participants will have access to interactive, real-time customer feedback sessions throughout the event; a vendor & technology fair; and guidance from expert mentors, speakers and industry leaders. And of course the basics are covered – free food, drinks, and snacks round the clock! Oh…and winners will receive prizes like Surface Pros and Xbox Live! So come out t o meet fellow developers, build an awesome app, and win some prizes.

Be prepared to develop apps that meet the needs of the trending digital enterprise areas of cloud, cyber, social, mobile, and big data using Azure/SharePoint for data hosting and Windows 8/Android for handheld solutions while consuming data from a specific source. Participants should come prepared to work on code, develop workflows, and help other developers understand the challenges users face. Please remember to bring your laptop and a notebook. We look forward to seeing apps that create value and impact, use the Microsoft stack in different ways and have the ability to transform an organization into a digital enterprise.

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Event Schedule

Friday, March 14:

6:30PM – Event Registration and Networking

7:00PM – Welcome, Announcements, and Tech Vendor Introductions

7:30PM – Mixer, Vendor/Exhibitor sessions and Networking

10:00PM – End of the night. Go home, get some rest and come back the next day refreshed!

Saturday, March 15:

9:00AM – Opening Remarks, Challenge Revealed

9:30AM – Team formation. Pick an idea, discuss how to build an app and what features you will include, form teams or just start hacking

10:00AM – Technology Fair Opens

3:00PM – Mentor Feedback Sessions

12:00AM – End of the night. Go home, get some rest and come back the next day refreshed!

Sunday, March 16:

9:00AM – The fun continues with the final day of the Hackathon. Continue to work with your team to finish coding, designing and polishing your app. Mentors will be available throughout the final hours to help you with API questions, advice and other expertise. App submissions for door prize judging will be accepted throughout the day with a deadline of 5PM.

11:00AM – Mentor Feedback Sessions

3:00PM – Mentor Feedback Sessions

5:00PM – Final Pitches, Demos, and Judging

6:00PM – Awards and Closing

7:00PM – Event Concludes

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