Northwest Cadence Presents: Enterprise Agility Executive Roundtable (CA)

Date and Location: Aug 1st| Palo Alto, CA

Registration Link:

Presenter: Northwest Cadence: Steven Borg

Team agility has been solved. It’s easy to learn – lean startups are agile without even thinking about it – and for smaller companies or teams-in-isolation, it’s enough. But agile methodologies don’t scale up or across in the enterprise. When you need to coordinate effort beyond just a few teams, agility falls over. Sound familiar? Those agile advocates in your organization – maybe you’re one of them – are right about the need for enterprise agility and the benefits it can deliver. But they’re probably wrong about how to get there. One-size-fits-all solutions don’t work. In this session we’ll give focus on what’s different about enterprise agility, and why you should care. We’ll return the conversation to the principles, with a focus on lean product developments and how they can be applied to your enterprise. You’ll hear about a successful case study, and learn how they’re applying the build-measure-learn principle to their agile adoption. Finally, we’ll help you understand the culture you need to cultivate to make the changes stick.

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