Office Hours: DPE Public Sector Audience and StartUp


Have a question about developing on the Microsoft platform?

Need help with your Windows 8 application? Looking for your Technical Evangelist?  Look no further!  

We have a crew of Technical Evangelists with a combined 100 years of technical experience on the Microsoft platform ready to help you get your application published in the Microsoft Store. 

Sign up for office hours with them in seconds!
The Evangelists are available to meet online and in some cases in-person at a local Microsoft Store or Microsoft Office

Sign up now with any one of the Evangelists below where their meeting schedule or location aligns with yours.



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Joel Reyes Microsoft Technology Evangelist and Windows Phone Champ
Frank La Vigne Microsoft Technical Evangelist and Windows 8 Champ
Zhiming Xue Microsoft Technology Evangelist focusing on Windows Azure
Ashish Jaiman

Director Startup Strategy


If you have any questions, please contact the ASK DPE Alias at

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