Mobility, Privacy and State & Local Government

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Recently the California Attorney General Kamala Harris have her saying on matters concerning consumer privacy and mobile application. This is a interesting development as it shows the level of concern that states are starting to show for privacy matters at the local level which impacts the application ecosystem at the global level. As mobility becomes the de-facto  for information consumption and sharing the increase level of scrutiny will have big impact on developers and their apps as matters of privacy is pull down locally.

The report titled Privacy on the Go: Recommendations for the Mobile Ecosystem provides guidelines for developers and others concerning privacy, how the application intends to use the data, etc.

The report includes recommendations for:

  • App Developers
  • App Platform Providers
  • Mobile Ad Networks
  • Operating Systems Developers
  • Mobile Carriers

Learn more about how Windows Phone privacy settings as well as how developers to implement security/privacy into their apps by checking these resources which discusses Security for Windows Phone.

Privacy will increasingly play a pivotal role in application design and development. the forum Future of Privacy is dedicated exclusively to this topic.



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