Public Announcement: From Public Sector to Joelcitizen

Starting July 1st I will be blogging EXCLUSIVELY on !

Did you know that you make Public Sector blog one of the top 3 most visited, most read blogs in the WHOLE of Microsoft Corporation? YES! This is not new. It has been this way for years… THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

So why not blog here too as I have been doing? It is required of each of us evangelists to build our own micro-brand within the developer community; so blog is a first step towards that goal. I started the process this fiscal year which ends tomorrow so on July 1st I am 100% on my own blog.

So, why am I telling you this? because I need you!  -  Please follow me at, send me comments, suggestions, observations, discoveries so I can improve my posts.

Also feel free to follow me on Twitter @joelcitizen every blog post I also cross post on twitter for easier following… I would love to make my interaction with the US Public Sector community more conversational… don’t be shy!

Thank you!


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