Design for Online

DISCLAIMER: This post is not official guidance from Microsoft.  It’s the thoughts and opinion of one guy who has been spending a fair amount of time talking to customers and partners about what I’ve been calling the “Design for Online” principles.  These are just my “brain dump” notes of what I’ve learned along the way.  Therefore, feel free to leave comments and provide feedback to make this post better.

In many ways, this post is a different spin on my CRM Online myth busters post.  However, instead of forcing you to reverse engineer “Design for Online” principles from a bunch of busted myths, I decided to lay out what I’ve believe to be the key design decisions and pointers you need to make sure you have a solution that will run relatively unchanged in any deployment environment: CRM 2011 installed in your datacenter (OnPrem), CRM Online, or another hosting provider.  … read more …

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