Join us on May 15th for a techcast on Porting your Government Apps from iPhone to Windows Phone!

MoDev Developer TechCast on May 15, 2012: Porting your Government Apps from iPhone to Windows Phone


Event Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern Time

Event ID: 1032511183

Abstract: You have successfully built your government app for iPhone and now you would like to further expand your customer base. The Windows Phone team has developed techniques, technology and best practices to make the process of porting your app much easier. This webcast will walk you through the process of taking your government iPhone app and successfully migrating it to Windows Phone. We will discuss existing open data sources, user experience, navigation, services, application life cycle, language considerations, tools and much more!

Join us for this webcast and you’ll have a chance to win a brand new developer device to get you started in migrating your current iPhone solution.

Facilitator: Pete Erickson, Founder, MoDev Pete Erickson is the creative force behind MoDev and Disruptathon, two companies that have helped shape the DC technology scene over the past four years. MoDev has grown from a grass roots meetup group to one of the nation’s premier mobile development, design and business communities; hosting multiple free meetup events monthly and putting on premium conference events that attract world renowned speakers and cutting edge content. Pete is a speaker for O’Reilly’s global webcast series and has appeared nationally on NPR, ABC and CBS News and is a regular guest on local TV affiliates in the DC area commenting on mobile and technology trends.

Presenter: Joel Reyes, Senior Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Joel’s career expands 15 years over a multitude of industries from education, construction, banking, manufacturing, and now at Microsoft (financial services, retail, and government). As a Platform Developer Evangelist, Joel engages developers and architects promoting Microsoft’s next wave of emerging technology products for developers. Joel has a background in systems engineering and acquired a degree in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is located in the Charlotte metro area where he spends time with his three kids and wife; he is also heavily involved in his community helping those less fortunate. He enjoys reading technical magazines, keeping up with some world-news, and of course, trying anything beta that comes his way!  You can follow his blog at

Guest Panelist: John Cromartie, Senior Mobile Developer and Technical Architect, Mobomo Mr. Cromartie is a senior mobile developer and technical architect with 10+ years of software development experience. Mr. Cromartie is unique in that he is a “full stack” developer. He enjoys solving problems through a combination of knowing the right tool for the job and working at any level of abstraction necessary. He is comfortable with low-level native code, as well as high-level managed languages and APIs. He can design a UI, create graphics, write markup, style, back-end and front-end code to make it all come together. Mr. Cromartie has contributed to a number of mobile apps including Mobomo’s Traffic Tweet, Tweeb, HexOut, and PocketBiz.

Please also register to join us for the next MoDev Developer TechCast: Porting your Government Apps from Android to Windows Phone on June 12, 2012!

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