Please join us for the MoDev Developer TechCast on April 24, 2012: Resources overview for porting your iPhone/Android government apps


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Event Date:
April 24, 2012

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2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern Time


In preparation for our upcoming app porting webcasts in May and June we would like to offer this overview so that you, the iPhone and Android developer who has built government solutions for those platforms, can familiarize yourself with what resources are available. In May and June we will get down to the mechanics of actually porting your apps. For those of you interested in just building for Windows Phone we will include information on readily available open data sources that you can use to build your new WP Apps against.  In the meantime, feel free to download the Windows Phone specific resources below. Look carefully, there are really good resources there!

Phone: Tools (, Devices (

Cloud: Tools (, Account (

Client: WebMatrix (

Resources: Infokit (

Apps Ideas: Ideas (

Facilitator: Pete Erickson, Founder, MoDev

Pete Erickson is the creative force behind MoDev and Disruptathon, two companies that have helped shape the DC technology scene over the past four years. MoDev has grown from a grass roots meetup group to one of the nation’s premier mobile development, design and business communities; hosting multiple free meetup events monthly and putting on premium conference events that attract world renowned speakers and cutting edge content. Pete is a speaker for O'Reilly's global webcast series and has appeared nationally on NPR, ABC and CBS News and is a regular guest on local TV affiliates in the DC area commenting on mobile and technology trends.

Presenter: Joel Reyes, Senior Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

Back in the days as a GW-Basic-Kid (GBK), it never crossed my mind the possibility of working for the very company that inspired me to pursue a career in systems engineering and computer science… And here I am! RIT, Xerox and now Microsoft have had the most profound impact in my professional life which has always been Software. From developer, project manager, people manager, then consulting and now evangelism, I have enjoyed seeing the impact of software in the life of corporations as well as individuals. Today I have the privilege of working in helping make our Local Governments more efficient and more connected with the people. Privately, I enjoy family life, computers and direct involvement in my community to make a difference of those less fortunate. So the journey goes on…You can follow my blog at

Guest Panelist: John Cromartie, Senior Mobile Developer and Technical Architect, Mobomo

Mr. Cromartie is a senior mobile developer and technical architect with 10+ years of software development experience. Mr. Cromartie is unique in that he is a “full stack” developer. He enjoys solving problems through a combination of knowing the right tool for the job and working at any level of abstraction necessary. He is comfortable with low-level native code, as well as high-level managed languages and APIs. He can design a UI, create graphics, write markup, style, back-end and front-end code to make it all come together. Mr. Cromartie has contributed to a number of mobile apps including Mobomo's Traffic Tweet, Tweeb, HexOut, and PocketBiz.

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