Nokia Bounty Hunter Challenge May 10 through June 12 at 13 Locations

Get your dev tools from the links below and get ready for the Challenge!


At Nokia we don’t have ordinary developers. We have Code Warriors! And it’s time to declare war and turn our Code Warriors loose on the mobile marketplace to do what they do best – hunt down apps, bring ‘em in alive and collect the bounty. Sign up a free Challenge event at


The Bounty Hunter Challenge is on!!

You heard right. We have a Bounty Board - a list of the most wanted apps for Nokia Lumia devices and the Windows Phone platform. For every app you code and deliver from the Bounty Board you can earn cash, devices, prizes and badges. Most of all, you can earn a reputation as the biggest, baddest, most feared Code Warrior on the planet.

To kick off the Code Warrior site and the Bounty Hunter Challenge, Nokia Developer will have Bounty Hunter Hacks in multiple cities across the US and Canada beginning in May. You can sign up individually or form your own app posse for the hacks to start tracking down your first bounty.

The rules are simple. Build an app listed on the “bounty board”. Satisfying a bounty awards you the associated prize, and we will be putting up 100 Nokia Lumia devices per city as the initial prize pool. In addition, the top 3 created apps, top student created app, and best dressed Bounty Hunter (use your imagination!) will be awarded extra prizes.


  • 1st place: $500 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
  • 2nd place: $250 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
  • 3rd place: $100 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
  • Student Winner: $150 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
  • Best Bounty Hunter Look: $100 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900

The Bounty Board is a list of the most wanted apps for the Windows Phone platform, as requested by consumers and developers. The board includes new app ideas and apps requested to be ported to the Windows Phone platform. As a Code Warrior, you can also submit your own app idea to the board and build it. In short, developers can port their existing app from another platform or create a new app to fulfill a bounty. Find the full rules here for Bounty Board at

Just like our developers are not ordinary, neither will be the Bounty Hunter Hacks. We have some amazing experiences in store for the Code Warriors who join us. Come showoff your skills, become a bad ass bounty hunter and earn rewards. Space will be limited so register early. Ready.Set () {Code}

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