Join us on April 17th for a Microsoft TechCast: Windows Phone: Devices, Devices, Devices


Event ID: 1032507078

Event Date:  April 17, 2012

Event Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern Time


Join us to learn why building Windows Phone solutions for the Public Sector is a great idea. We will discuss what Public Sector is, why you should care about, how to tap this emerging market, and what resources and open data sources are available to developers. We will touch on the marketplace, publishing, and monetization.

Oh and how about getting brand new Windows Phone device to test your applications?

• If you are a government entity we have a loaner program just for you.

• If you are a non-government developer and you publish your application to the marketplace, you get to keep the device to build more apps.

Be the first! – this is a limited time offer…

Target Audience: Technical Decision Makers, Developers and Architects.

Presenter: Joel Reyes, Senior Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

Back in the days as a GW-Basic-Kid (GBK), it never crossed my mind the possibility of working for the very company that inspired me to pursue a career in systems engineering and computer science… And here I am! RIT, Xerox and now Microsoft have had the most profound impact in my professional life which has always been Software. From developer, project manager, people manager, then consulting and now evangelism, I have enjoyed seeing the impact of software in the life of corporations as well as individuals. Today I have the privilege of working in helping make our Local Governments more efficient and more connected with the people. Privately, I enjoy family life, computers and direct involvement in my community to make a difference of those less fortunate. So the journey goes on…You can follow my blog at

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