Mobile In-Vehicle Video Platform for Law Enforcement Agencies

Recently at the Microsoft World Wide Public Safety Symposium the US Developer & Platform Evangelism team at Microsoft; along with partner Modularis unveiled the latest in law enforcement technology. The Modularis Vehicle Platform employs the latest in software technology including being fully Windows Azure enabled.

The platform is currently deployed at law enforcement agencies in several countries worldwide and offers a highly effective solution for situational awareness and intelligence gathering. The Windows 7 based solution allows a tremendous degree of flexibility with existing hardware and software solutions which allows it to be seamlessly integrated.

At the symposium Modularis, also demonstrated their prototype Windows 8 command center application, which allows for commanders to connect into the vehicle and control lights, camera, siren, and collect real-time information beyond that which radio communication can provide.

The next generation in-car system will also run Windows 8 and introduce new features such as voice command, bio-metric data, and several new features supported by the Windows 8 & Azure platforms that will be announced later this year.

The vehicle was featured in articles from: The Verge, Network World, GeekWire, Engadget, ITWorld, Police One, and Mobile Magazine. A video demonstration of the app was also featured in coverage, and several outlets including The Verge noted that the app “show[s] off the potential for Windows 8 on tablets.”


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