What is a Public Sector Windows Phone App?

A Public Sector WP app is defined by:

  • Target Audience: Addresses Federal Government (Civilian, Military), State and Local Government, Education, Health and Life Sciences industries.
  • Data Context: Links to open government data source(s) and/or cloud service(s).
  • Solution Type: Addresses a need with either the production, delivery, and/or allocation of information, goods and services by or for the government or citizens.


Joel Reyes – Windows Phone Champ
DPE.Public Sector

Build Apps Here –> Phone SDK, Azure SDK, Azure Trial… as well as WebMatrix

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Comments (2)
  1. Casey says:

    How is one month feasible for government, yet private gets more?

  2. Joel Reyes says:

    We can consider each case and act accordingly. but we need a baseline.

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