Windows Phone InfoKit for Public Sector Developers–Click links to download

You can download the PowerPoint version here 

Joel Reyes put together this infokit to help developers interested in building Windows Phone apps quickly get up to speed - it can also serve as a reference to developers already building apps. This is a collection of Tools, Training, Resources and Open Data references that should nicely augment the learning/development experience for public sector developers.


Windows Phone SDK /getphone – Phone development extensions for Visual Studio 2010

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone /azuretoolkit –Cloud services running in Windows Azure

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit /sltoolkit – Additional Controls for WP application development

SketchFlow Template for Windows Phone /sketchflow – Creates prototype of a WP app quick and easy

Bing Maps Silverlight Control SDK /bing – Binaries & programming ref for the Bing Maps Silverlight Control

Windows Phone Icon Maker /icons – Make multiple icons necessary to build and publish WP Application



Windows Phone Training Kit /trainingkit – All you need to get up to speed fast on building apps

Windows Phone Quickstars /quickstarts – Introduce the basics for creating WP applications

Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide /patterns – Best practices from Microsoft Patterns & Practices

Hello Windows Phone /hello – My first WP application

Windows Phone Jump Start Training /jumpstart – There are 12 sessions each about :50 minutes in length

Programming Windows Phone 7 /freebook – Free book - 24 chapters, about 1,000 pages



Developer Registration /register – It all starts here! Register as a developer and let’s build something!

Online Web Marketplace /marketplace – Find the WP app that is right for you

Citizen Apps Ideas /ideas –Forum for citizens/developers to share new phone ideas

Public Sector Blog /publicsector – Microsoft Public Sector Developer and Platform Evangelism team blog

Windows Phone Blog /phoneblog – Blog directly from the WP development team

Windows Phone Forum /forum – Discuss tools, general development issues and questions


Open Data

Open Government Initiative /usopen – President Obama’s Open Government Initiative

Data.Gov /datagov – Improve access to Federal data, expand creative use beyond government

World Bank Open Data /worldbank – Access to over 7,000 indicators from World Bank data sets

Open Government Data Initiative /ogdi – Publish/use a wide variety of public data from government agencies

Windows Azure Marketplace /azuredata – One-stop shop for premium data and applications

Open Data Protocol /odata – Web protocol for querying and updating data via URIs and HTTP

Windows Phone Champ

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