Mango: The Sweetest Fruit in the World…

image Mango is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the sweetest fruit (Guimaras Mango). I believe this delightful fruit has something in common with Windows Phone:
It is the sweetest phone in the World!

Windows Phone is covered with the most beautiful, fluid, easy to use, and efficient user interface in the mobile market. Hardware acceleration makes for fantastic flow-less, speedy display of graphics, videos and games.

Feature highlight
Live Tiles: learn more… 
Regardless of the mobile platform high-download rate doesn’t automatically translate to high-usage rate. Live Tiles, unique to Windows Phone, provide higher visibility and recurrent customers engagements. In Mango we have the concept of primary and secondary tiles.

: Enables push notification and shell tile schedule notification.
Secondary Tiles: Can update from application and background agents.

MEAT: Underneath all the beauty is a robust system that ensures both agility and flexibility.
Feature highlight
Fast Application Switching: learn more… One of the most exciting new features coming to the next version of Windows Phone is the ability for users to switch quickly between third party running applications. So in mango the application instead of being tombstoned, it is put in a dormant state where the image is maintained (the app is stopped and any connection is terminated). This feature represent a hug increase in user experience.

Background Agents: learn more… Background Agents, like Scheduled Tasks, are part of Windows Phone multitasking; these features allow an application to execute code in the background, even when the application is not running in the foreground. You can also upload files in the background and implement Reminders and Alarms.

SEED: Bing offers fantastic new features that make Windows Phone the most versatile device on the go. Enabling contextual cross application launching takes to a totally new level making the user experience top and only.
Feature highlight
AppConnect: – It is an integrated extensibility feature to allow applications in the Pictures, Music and Video Hubs to suggest an installed app when it can be most relevant and useful. Developers can connect their app to Bing search results things like Movies, Places, Products. Search result includes aps suggestions and triggers download or start of the app with context.

Mobile developers in government have a plethora of new capabilities to create powerful citizen-oriented applications. To learn more about it and dive deep into the feature set I suggest you download the Training Kit for Mango.

Joel Reyes

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